Indian Summer

  1.  A period of mild weather occurring in late autumn

  2. A pleasant, tranquil, or flourishing period occurring near the end of something: the Indian summer of the administration.

What is White Swan Indian Summer Celebration?

White Swan Indian Summer Celebration has been in existence since the late 1980's.  This celebration seeks to provide a three day pow wow in White Swan, WA that honors the youth, elders, royalty, veterans and the committee members.  Our goal is to provide a safe, fun atmosphere where people can participate or spectate a competition pow wow.  We are compromised of an all volunteer committee and are always seeking new members. 

This year the pow wow will be held October 9, 10 and 11, 2009 at the Pavilion in White Swan, WA.

Arena Director: TBA

Host Drum will be selected daily for each session

We are currently seeking candidates for Miss White Swan Indian Summer Celebration age 13+ girls and Junior Miss White Swan Indian Summer Celebration age 7-12 girls.  The royalty selection is based on raffle ticket sales.  The winner will receive a beaded crown, sash, percentage of raffle tickets sold and gifts.  The candidates must be willing to travel and represent White Swan Indian summer Celebration, at local and out of town events.  Candidates must maintain good social skills, stay in school, and travel at your own expense.  Please contact us for an application.

Ways You Can Get Involved

Big Raffle, Mini Raffle, Committee Sponsored Dinner, Concessions, Media & Publicity, Registration, Royalty, Traditional Ceremonies, Vendors & Veterans Honoring, Fund raising.

It takes many hands to bring this celebration to life and we will be hosting committee meetings.  We do our best to honor time and try not to go beyond two hours for a meeting.  We have officers in place and this year we are having a re-organization of the committee as elections are necessary to replace those who are not active.  Fund raising is an area that needs a lot of effort and we would appreciate assistance with financial sponsorship of dance contest categories, championship jackets, food and paper products for committee concessions, food and paper products for committee sponsored dinner, donations for Big Raffle and Mini Raffle, cakes for the Cake Walk on Friday, gifts for the Veterans, bundles for the committee giveaway on Thursday, October 8, 2009.

For More Information

Bessie J. Wilson  (509) 945-1153
Penny Jim  (509) 930-3996